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Pre-Owned 2015 Ford Explorer Limited | Westaskiwin, AB

Welcome guys to Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin. I’m standing beside a 2015 Ford Explorer Limited.  This is very nice unit. It has the nice chrome rims. You have your lane detection sensors that tells you when you’re veering out of your lane. You have your nice HID headlights on it as well.

Like with Ford, most Ford products instead of the [tab] you have keyless entry, with your code that you just push in on the door, and it will unlock your doors for you. You have your nice roof rack on top, and nice chrome handles that work all the way to the back.

Now on this thing you also have a power hatch as well, so all you have to do is push your button and your door will come down by itself. And you just do a little button underneath and the door will open by itself.

I’ll show you this nice feature here. These are all power Stow n’ Go seats. So you’ll just hit your switch here, stow, and then, now your seats will fold down and go into the floor by themselves. It gives you lots of nice room out there, where you can go there and you could put your dog there, or you can put your groceries, maybe not your groceries and dogs together, that’s not a good idea.

If you have nothing, you’re going to hold people, just hit your seat and your seats will come right back up. So while that’s coming back up we’ll come back around this way, we’ll show you in this back door. Inside this back door it’s all leather interior. These seats in the back are heated seats, and now you have your dual climate control.

You have your full skylight moon roof that’s on the top. These seats are really nice as well. Now they’ll just fold down. They’ll fold up by themselves. That makes for pretty easy access to get into the back. Easy to do, just push down with one hand, and lift up. Very easy.

We’ll close this. I’ll let you guys on in this side, I’ll show you guys the interior. Now this 2015 Ford Explorer, it’s on for $41,888, and it only has 33,638 thousand kilometers on it, so relatively nice little kilometers.

Everything in here lights up. I have the key in my pocket, so you just push your brake and hit your button. Now everything will light up here on the dash, it lights up saying my back hatch is open so I would always make sure that’s closed.

You do have heated seats and air conditioning seats. You get heated steering wheel as well, and then obviously, your channel select, and everything. Down here you have your different settings for your different 4-wheel drive settings, your off-road, for your sand, your snow, or your forestry. Or you’re downhill descent, to help you slow down if you’re going downhill.  Everything in here is touchscreen.

So you guys, thank you for choosing Legacy Dodge. You can reach myself, I’m Gee, or any other sales people here would love to help you guys. You can reach us at 1780-352-2277.

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