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2014 Ram 3500 Laramie Diesel | Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin

Hey guys, welcome to Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin. We’ll just be going over this 2014 Ram 3500 Laramie. It comes in Turbo diesel. It has the chrome package on it so you have chrome visors, chrome grilles, chrome bumpers. Polished aluminum rims, they’re 18″ rims, on this truck, with the nice big tires on it. Nice and aggressive, good for off-road.

Your night signal lights on the side of your mirrors. Your mirror also flip up for pulling trailers around, stuff like that. Gives you a better view.

Like I said, it has a chrome package, so you have chrome door handles. You have tubular steps off the side. Window visors, helps preventing water from coming in, and stop some whistling.

Going around, it’s a 4-door long box. If you want to have an– You have your [D.E.F] for your green fuel, diesel. It has mud flaps, it has a high center box camera on the truck, so you get a good view of whatever’s inside your box. So if you want to have a fifth wheel, you get a good view over your fifth wheel, or just whatever cargo you’re hauling around in your box.

This sprayed in box liner, as what you are able to see. It also does have a rear backup camera, so if you’re backing up you’ll be able to see vehicles. If you put in a hitch you’ll be able to see your hitch as well. When we get inside the truck I’ll show you the little screen it comes up onto. It comes up on the rear view visor up on the top.

It is the 4×4. It has the nice LED lights, that’s in this truck as well. And then, just your standard sized exhaust. We haven’t done anything to the exhaust, that came in this way. So this truck is– what came in, really nice and clean. Well, well taken care of, and well maintained.

We’ll open up the back door here, so you guys can see the inside. The inside, it’s nice, full leather for your fully leather seats. You have a nice sunroof in there. Nice leather doors with some nice wood accents. United chrome handles, that’s on the inside there.

Your seats do fold up, and there is a tray that comes out as well, so makes your surface nice and flat. So if you want to carry around tool boxes or anything like that.

We can open up the front door, give you a look on the inside. You have a nice console on the inside there. For all your extra storage, your seat folds up, there’s more storage under there. Power seats on both sides, the driver side and the passenger side. You also have your lumbar support too on your passenger side. That’s how nice a unit this one is.

On the inside, I’ll get you guys just to jump in, I’ll jump in on the other side. Now this one here does have a nice big 8”x5” screen. This one is all touch screen, and everything as well. We’ll start the truck so you can see the screen. It’s all nice and touchscreen, so you have your nice heated seats options, and your heated steering wheel. Your auto tint. Now, for your backup camera, this one here will turn on. Your cargo. I may have to start the truck for that one. We’ll give it a second because it has its auto pre-heat on the truck, so when you use your remote start on the truck it will just go there and automatically start the truck in a cold start. It will pre-heat it for you and then it will do a start.

Oh, it says my door is open, safety feature, so you can’t roll away on, you know. There, she should start now, so it’s pre-heating again. That’s quite normal. Then you push your brake to start it because it’s a push button. Then your truck will start, then you just throw your key up there.

Back to your console, you go down here, you push your cargo, now shows you the inside of your box. Nice clean view. Handy if you’re hauling around stuff and want to keep an eye on your load.

You have your trailer brake controls down here. You also have all your other controls, for your power, and vented seats, heated steering wheel as well. You can control your brake pressure here. You have your 2-wheel drive that you’re usually in, you could put it on the fly. I would always recommend to slow down a little bit if you’re going into 4-wheel drive or into a 4-Low. And then you have all your controls for your radio and your hands-free device on your steering wheel, so you can answer your phone and change all your settings on your dash, and then your Cruise Control as well.

With the power sunroof that you have, everything is here, so you could push your auto, open up the sunroof, close this one here for your back sliding window, so it opens up your back sliding windows. And then you also have your garage door openers.

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