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How to Check Your Tire Pressure | Wetaskiwin, AB

Hey guys, it’s Jody here at Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin. Today, I want to give you a little weekly tip on how to check your tire pressure in your vehicle. Now, many of you probably have seen this sign come up on your dash. It’s nothing to worry about, it just means you have a low tire.

Now, what you want to do is go around and get yourself a tire gauge like this or there’s some fancy ones that are all digital. If you look inside your vehicle, inside your vehicle, you want to go by this right here. It will tell you what you should have in each tire, 36 psi on this one in the front and 36 psi in the back. Don’t go by, your tire and spare should go by what your vehicle says inside your door. The best time to check your tires is when they’re cold so yeah, before you go or after couple hours of driving.

So, what you want to do is take your cap off, take the gauge, push it on there and you see on this pencil gauge the numbers come out the end when you put out the pressure. Here we’re telling we’re at 36 psi which is exactly what we want. If you had too much or more than the sticker allows, you push on this valve here and let a little bit of air out. Simple as that and you can go around check all 4 tires, make sure they’re all the same to what the manufacturer says inside and you’re good to go. If like I say if you’re worried about doing it yourself, bring it in to our warm drive-through here at Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin.

We’ll be happy to help you out, get a Tech to come check it for you. We’ve got a compressor waiting here to put the air in to top them up, make them all equal, get rid of that light for you. So, come and see us, call us 1800-642-3838 or just pull right in and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

Service Team
Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin

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