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Copperhead is Back | 2017 Ram 1500 | Wetaskiwin, AB

Hey we’re back here at Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin. I’m Jody just want to show you one thing really quick here on something that we’re excited to show you. The colour Copperhead is back by popular demand. I know we sold a lot of these back a few years ago and then the colour went away for a while. It is back now we’ve got probably four or five of these in stock right now in the Sport model.

It is something that we’ve been taking a lot of calls on and when is this colour coming back? Well it’s back. And not just the outside but the inside is trimmed out really nice with the copper colours. In the doors in the dash around the radio even in the seats and headrest So like I said that’s this is something that’s really exciting here for us at Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin. So if you want to come have a look for yourself, take one for a drive, give us a call (800)642-3838 and you can have a look at these at legacydodgewetaskiwin.ca our website. So give us a call now and Let Your Legacy Start Here. Legacy Dodge Westaskiwin.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin

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