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2017 Ram 1500 Laramie | 6’4 box | 4 Corner Air Suspension | Wetaskiwin, AB

Hey guys, we’re here on a sunny day here at Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin. We want to talk to you a little bit about the 2017 RAM 1500 that we pulled up here.

A little bit different than a normal RAM. This one here is a Crew Cab with a 6’4 box. It also has Four-Corner Air Suspension. The pearl colour, this one here is probably fully loaded with the prep sensors and tow hooks. Chrome grill. Trailer tow mirrors up, flip up for trailing. Passive entry; it allows you to get in and out of the vehicle by touching the back, or by locking with this button, as long as the key is around here, in this vicinity. Full length tube steps. Nice back here. I’ll move over to the top, get in the back of the truck. 20″ tires, and in the backside here, we’ve got sensors as well. As well as your full trailer package. Full spray-in box liner with [back lighting] on both sides. A lot of room in the Laramie in the back seats, in the Crew Cab. Heated seats in the back, and in the front you can get a look at the seats and the console. Sunroof.

Hey guys, Jodi here again, James on the camera. We’re inside this Crew Cab. Want to show you a little bit about the options on the inside of the 2017 RAM 1500 Laramie. Over here we’ve got our UConnect, voice recognition buttons, manual gear select, and our Cruise Control. 8-speed automatic transmission. Our 4-wheel drive controls are here. This is a push-button start, like most vehicles now. In here we’ve got our 8.4″ touch screen where you’ll find your back up camera as well as navigation. We’ve also got in here, settings for your heated seats, vented seats, heated steering wheel for both sides in the front. Down here you’ve got some more controls for your volume, browsing of your radio, some more settings for your climate control, built in trailer brake.  As I said before this has Four-Corner Air Suspension, so these buttons here allow you to raise and lower the vehicle when it’s in park and the doors are closed. Heated seat, cooled seat, heated steering wheel for both sides. And we’ve got buttons here to turn off our sensors for the Park Assist on the front and rear. Pretty spacious console. In here we’ve got USB connections, as well as some more storage down below.

We’re having a big sale here at Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin this week. It’s a pay-off, your holiday event. Come in and see us, whether you want this truck, or we’ve got a ton of trucks here on our lot right now. From every colors, three-quarter tons, one tons, half tons, a lot of trim levels.

So come down to Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin, in Wetaskiwin here. 1-800-642-3838 is our phone number. legacydodgewetaskiwin.ca is our website. My name is Jodi, this is James. Give one of us a call, we’ll be happy to help you out. Come see us and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

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Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin

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