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2011 Chev Camaro 1LT | Spring Special | Wetaskiwin, AB

My name is Gee, with Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin, and the camera guy is Joey.

We’re going to show you guys this black beauty here. That is a 2011 Chevy Camaro. All nicely blacked out with the nice aluminum rims. Beautiful car, nice and sleek all the way down the sides. You have this aerial antenna, that’s up on top.

Let’s just walk around the car a little bit. We have the marker lights here, up on the sides, nice and high, for more visibility. With the nice chrome rear lights in the back. The nice bow tie that’s on it. This one also has dual exhaust on it as well, it makes it really nice, and clean, and sharp, and sleek. It also makes them nice and kind of different from a lot of the other cars, it has the nice side, like fish flares on it, just adds that little extra detail to the car.

We’ll give you guys a look at the inside of the car. How about it, you guys just jump in here, and I’ll walk around to the other side.

Now, this car was going for $18,888, and now we have it on sale for $16,888, so it’s a really good deal. We have it on a special offer right now.

I’ll just turn the keys, show you guys that everything lights up nicely. The dash lights up nice and blue. I’m trying to remember, had to put the kilometers on it. Kilometers are only at 97,000 on this car, so it’s really nice.

You have your power windows adjustments, and everything here on your door, with your mirror. You have your control for your lights and your fog lights, and everything down here. This thing also has the paddle shifters here on the steering wheel, so now you can control your own shifting if you would like. And your cruise control on your steering wheel. Everything here on your dash. Your channel selects and everything for your stereo, and the control for your different heat, and your fans, and stuff like that. Your traction control.

And then, you have a nice little back seat as well, if you want to try to squish somebody back there, you can. Like we said, this car is on special. It’s going to go quick, so you guys should come in and take a look at it.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin

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