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2010 Dodge Challenger SE | Spring Special | Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin

Welcome guys to Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin. My name is Gee, and our camera guy here is Joey.

We’re going to be showing you guys a 2010 Dodge Challenger SE today, and if you guys have any questions about it you can reach myself at Legacy Dodge, or you can email myself or Jody, or anyone here at Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin and we’ll be glad to help you guys.

So, to talk about the car, it’s a- like I said, it’s a 2010 Dodge Challenger SE. It’s a completely black colour car. It has the nice aluminum rims on it, with the Nitro fill, that’s with green caps and fork. There’s this nitrogen in the tires, just to help with balance and stability, stuff like that.

Well, nice and sleek, well maintained, in really good condition. It has blacked out tinted windows on the back side. And then, on the back it also has the defrost. Everything here for your back windows, so if you’re driving it around in the winter time and you get snow on it, you get all these melted off, which is always really nice.

Of course, just nice and sleek, smooth, clean, off the back end of the vehicle. You also have your side marker lights too, these light up as well. And then you also have your aerial antenna up top, they just keep the car looking clean.

So we’ll show you the inside of the car. The inside of the car has cloth interior, all blacked out cloth interior. That has the Aftermarket Mopar shifter in it, with the Aftermarket stereo. And then, nice [tight] back seat, so if you have like, little people, it comes up with that flip back there.

You guys drop in there, I’ll jump in the driver’s seat here. So now, the inside of the car here, you have your power windows adjustments here, your power locks, and for your power mirrors as well. All your controls for your lights, and everything charges up on the dash over here.

You have an Aftermarket stereo that’s in the car, and then all your controls to adjust your temperatures, and your menu controls. You have your 4-way switch down here, and then your traction control, ESP, to turn it on and off. You have your different controls on your steering wheel for your cruise.

This vehicle also has the V6 in it, so it’s just this little motor in it which– stuff that just keep you out of trouble.

This car also has 100,000 kilometers on it, and we have it listed for $16,000. So that’s about the car. You guys just Let Your Legacy Start Here, and have a wonderful day.

Sales Team
Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin

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