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Cody Nelson

Thank you for your business, Katt!

Katt is a locally grown Wetaskiwin girl. She was worried that any day now, her vehicle was going to give out and knew that she needed to get into a new, reliable vehicle. She now has her Dream Jeep and the payments are within her monthly budget. This Jeep checked off every box and Katt says she is so happy with the payment and product that she’s happy to brag about it at home! Congratulations Katt, you truly made an impact and deserve every bit of happiness.

Sales Associate, Cory Nelson.


Thank you for your business

A lifetime dream of travelling overseas for 6 months out of the year just became a reality for Gordon when we found the perfect car to combo with his motorhome! Wish we could be there for the rest of your journey! Thank you for your business!

Sales Associate, Cody Nelson.



Thank you for your business, Katamey!

Katamey received his ’14 Dodge Journey when he thought it wasn’t possible for him at this time. Our sales and finance team was able to make his dream a reality! Thank you Katamay, for giving us the opportunity to earn your business.