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How to Check Your Vehicle’s Oil | How To’s | Wetaskiwin, AB

Hey guys, its Jody here at Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin. Today we want to tell you something a little different. Something that, a lot of time gets overlooked is checking your oil. Some people know how to do it, and surprisingly, some people do not. So we can help you with that.

So what you want to do if you’re checking your own oil is to make sure you’re as level as possible when you park. Turn your engine off. And then you want to release your hood which is going to be underneath the steering wheel here. Every vehicle’s going to be a little bit different. This one happens to be right here. You just give it a pull.

Go round to the front. Release the latch. Some hoods are going to stay up on their own. This one has a prop on. You want to get yourself a paper towel, or a rag.

Look underneath the hood. Everything that the dealership wants you, or the manufacturer wants you to look for is going to have yellow markings.

The dip stick on this one is down here marked yellow. With your rag, first turn your pole out. You want just to wipe that off, get it clean. And you’ll see on the dipstick; these are safe marks. So you want to be in that zone right there when you check your oil.

So you want to put that back in. Just give it a second. Pour out, and now you can see it levels. We’re right at the top of the safe zone, so we’re perfect, right there. We put that back in. If you see it did need oil, the filler cap is right here.

And this particular one tells you what your oil is. This one is using 5W-20. But the oil in lots of vehicles is different. So if it doesn’t show on your cap, you want to check your owner’s manual or check with your dealership.

And if you’re still unsure, come in and see us here at Legacy Dodge in Wetaskiwin. Book your appointments here with us at 1800-642-3838. “Let Your Legacy Start Here.’

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Legacy Dodge Wetaskiwin

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